Laurie Button’s interest in WWI has spanned almost thirty years. She and her husband, Joel, have traveled to France and Belgium several times to visit battlefields, museums, and other historic sites. She is currently writing an historical fiction novel about the relationship between one of Gen. Pershing’s WWI “Hello Girls” and a U.S. Army Signal Corps officer. The setting is in the Meuse-Argonne region of France, during and after the American offensive that helped bring about the end of the war.

Button moved to Estes Park from Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1991 to become feature and special sections editor with the Estes Park Trail-Gazette. After leaving the newspaper in 1998, she worked with the Town of Estes Park for almost fifteen years and Premier Members Credit Union (formerly Boulder Valley Credit Union) for three years. Now retired, she still works part-time at Macdonald Book Shop, writes columns and stories periodically for The Estes Park News, offers programs about WWI to local civic organizations, and anyone else who will listen.

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